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Chainmail Bracelet, Unisex Jewelry, Diamond Shape

Item Description

Love chainmail? You will love the feel of this bracelet on your wrist.

This beautiful bracelet is 7 inches long, including the lobster claw clasp.


4mm jumprings

6mm jumprings


Japanese 12-in-2

Large diamond shapes


Chainmail is basically a mesh net, by connecting different sizes of jumprings in a specific pattern you can create something as small as a bracelet or as large as a shirt (or even larger if you were so inclined).

The jumprings used in this bracelet are 4mm and 6mm gunmetal in color, with close to 600 rings giving it a mesh like texture.

This chainmail bracelet will be a favorite piece of jewelry to wear because it goes with most anything. 

The size can be adjusted, click “contact” to let me know what size you need!

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