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Hand Knit Cranberry Hobo or Fingerless Gloves, Gift for Women

Item Description

Text with ease and keep your hands warm with these hand knit cranberry hobo or fingerless gloves!

These Hobo or Fingerless Gloves are hand knit using 80% acrylic and 20% wool yarn in a rib pattern giving it a stretchy, comfortable feel.  The cuff is 2 inches long.  The entire glove is 7 inches long.  These Hobo Gloves will fit most women.

These hobo gloves have knitted to the knuckles giving you the freedom of your fingers and warmth for your hands. 

These hobo or fingerless gloves are great for sending a quick text, driving, or working a drive-thru window, the uses are endless.

Women's Hand Knit Cranberry Hobo or Fingerless Gloves are ready for shipment!

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