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Orange and White Striped Peyote Stitched Bracelet, Beaded Jewelry

Item Description

I created this Orange and White Peyote Stitched Bracelet using the flat, even count peyote stitch, white Nymo thread and Toho Treasure Beads in silver lined orange and opaque luster white attached to a silver magnetic clasp. It is approx. 7 inches long including clasp.

Peyote stitch, also known as Gourd stitch, is an off-loom bead weaving technique. Done in odd or even count your project can be flat or tubular.

Toho beads come in different colors and sizes but I used 11/0 round beads. They are very small making it easier to make specific pattern as with this striped pattern bracelet.

Give this Orange and White Peyote Stitched Bracelet as a gift or keep for yourself. 

Wear this cute little bracelet for Halloween and Thanksgiving parties or events. It is a piece of jewelry certain to brighten up your fall or spring wardrobe.

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